Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The devil's concubine

When I heard Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper on The O.C.) was going to be playing the Devil's girlfriend (Mimi) on Reaper, my first thought was 'the bitch is back' -- envisioning there being all sorts of fun and sexy mischief. I should have known better, I guess. This show has been quickly losing it's goodwill earned on an amazing pilot, but who would expect Melinda Clarke in such a role could be so boring? I mean, why not utilize at least some of the bitch skills that Clarke brings to the table, you know? Instead we get a completely passive Mimi who's been waiting for twenty years for her Jerry (aka the Prince of Darkness) to commit to their relationship.

O.K., I understand it's meant as a metaphor for the Andi/Sam relationship, complete with gender reversal clues provided bluntly by Sock, but since the show hasn't given us much of a reason to care if Sam and Andi get together, it's kind of pointless. At this point, we're all cheering for Sam to hook up with anyone, especially now with Caddy, who could be the Devil's daughter. That, my friends, has potential -- even more then just calling her Beelzebabe. Fathers are naturally protective of their daughters, while the devil likes to lead those same daughters down a slippery slope. Sticking Old Scratch with these conflicting goals sounds like a lot of fun. A LOT more fun then what ambivalent Andi brings to the table.

I honestly know nothing about the bands that were featured in the episode, but I present them for you nonetheless. Enjoy!

Reaper - Episode 1.09
1. "Tummy Tum Tum" - The Dollyrots - The gang collect cremated remains from the list
2. "No Reason" - All Night Chemists - Sam meets Caddy at Mimi's yard sale

Previously - Slippage and traction, indie attraction (Episode 1.05)

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