Monday, November 26, 2007

(I can't get no) pumpkin pie

I have to ask if anyone else following this great drama? Last night, Showtime's Brotherhood turned Thanksgiving on it's ear -- and dropped it like an overweight turkey on the linoleum floor. When matriarch Rose takes off unexpectedly to spend the holiday with an old flame, the rest of the Caffey clan is left to fend for themselves, and it's quickly apparent that no one is equipped to handle the burden.

Colin (played by Bryan O'Byrne) is dreaming of his first Thanksgiving with his long lost family, but is sent off by Michael to take out Freddy. He's got two hours to 'kill' and the only restaurant in town has no pumpkin pie. What's a Thanksgiving-starved Belfastian supposed to do? No one's getting any satisfaction, though. Rose's "old flame" is more the latter then the former, and the Caffey's turkey hopes rested on the cooking of vegetarian Mary-Kate. Meanwhile the eldest daughter Mary Rose is stoned, and Jimmy's already eaten the pumpkin pie (Rose at least had the foresight to order five of them before leaving her family high and dry).

After Colin's botched hit on Freddy, he discovers that there's not going to be a Thanksgiving after all, and Cat Power's cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" slowly drifts in to underscore the holiday's frustration. Just like the characters, viewers are all left wanting more, but let's give thanks for the coming two weeks, in what's looking to be a great final two episodes.

Song: "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Cat Power

More: There's really only two great covers of the Stones song, and Nip/Tuck used the other one a couple weeks ago, so I think we're covered for the year now, thank you very much.

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