Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Victoria's Secret Miming Show

Now that dust has cleared and eyeballs have been firmly pushed back into heads, I'm left really missing Justin Timberlake, who's performance last year gave the show a serious boost. Perhaps I should also be missing Kanye West's mother, as her untimely death meant West had to pull out and robbed viewers of one artist capable of JT's electricity.

His replacement, Will.I.Am. of The Black Eyed Peas, gave an admirable last-minute-fill-in type performance of the oddly appropriate "I Got it From My Mama." I had the thought that it would've been cool, as both an honor to the song and to Kanye's mom, to show up on the screen (or live in the audience,) each of the model's mothers as they came down the runway. Some folks might like to see what they really got from their mama.

The headline performance was billed to be the reunited Spice Girls. Unfortunately, in their home country, lip-synching is considered normal for a performance taped for television -- think Top of the Pops. Not so in these parts, as we Americans like to pretend we don't hear missed notes and breathing between belts. After their stiff miming, they could only mouth a "thank you" to the audience as their microphones were merely props. In the end, they might as well have just trotted out their wax figures from Madame Tussauds.

It was touching seeing Seal and wife Heidi Klum singing "Wedding Day," and the sillouette of them kissing in front of the balloons was beautiful. Not to spoil it, but Heidi was following the Spice Girls' lead with some lip-synching of her own -- that or they engineered a super microphone that only picked up her voice for the symphony of effects that were lathered on her vocal parts.

Here's a rundown of what was played.

Playlist: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007
1. "Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)" - Bill Conti - Heidi Klum workout intro
2. "Perfect" - Princess Superstar - More intro
3. "I Got It From My Mama" - - Performed live
4. "Touch Me" - Rui Da Silva/Cassandra - Runway action
5. "Get Free" - The Vines - Runway and revisited for finale
6. "Wedding Day" - Seal w/ Heidi Klum - Performed live
7. "Who's That Girl?" - Eurythmics - Runway and revisited for finale
8. "Stop The Rock" - Apollo Four Forty - Runway action
9. "Stop" - Spice Girls - Performed Lip-synched live
10. "Amazing" - Seal - Runway of angels

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