Monday, February 11, 2008

Short take on the Saturday's caucus

My (nearly) 3-year old took photos at the Democratic Primary Caucuses for Washington State, documenting a view from knee height of the goings on at precinct 1319. It was pretty much Obama's night at all the precincts we saw (he swept every county, save one).

We had a lot of fun and all gathered back in the neighborhood to eat, drink and watch the inevitable Obama wave roll over the news throughout the evening.

Looking through the photos, one things clear. Adults open their mouths when being photographed by toddlers (sorry Lindsey!)

Playlist: The Caucus
1. The Candidate - Urge Overkill
2. A Caucus Race - Randy Greif
3. Obama - Extra Golden
4. I Got A Crush On Obama - Obama Girl

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