Monday, May 05, 2008

Ear on TV: The Week of May 5

My Morning Jacket, the greatest live band in the world, will be showcasing new songs on SNL this week, featuring singer Jim James' soulful falsetto on the lead single and title track "Evil Urges,". The song deals with the struggle to find faith in the skewed morality of today's organized religion, but for anyone that's seen the band live, MMJ are a religion in and of themselves, garnering a Dead-like following. James confesses to have been listening to a lot of gospel and ’70s soul while writing their latest release, Evil Urges, which explains for some of the added funk and soul to the Kentucky rock band's sound. Between that and the AM Radio influenced ballads, you'd think the band might have gone soft, but as Coachella festival goers can attest, the band still can melt your face. (see fan captured video.)

Speaking of soul, funk and the melting of faces, I am incredibly pumped to see UK's The Heavy playing Carson Thursday night, as their gritty mix of 70's funk and soul with garage band aesthetics is one of my favorite finds of the year. The Superfly-meets-The Sonics sound of "That Kind of Man" makes it my pick for crossover song of the summer.

Playlist: Picks for the week
Monday, May 5<
ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mötley Crüe (REPEAT)
CBS: Late Show With David Letterman: Jimmy Eat World
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Thrice
SYNDICATION: The Ellen Degeneres Show: Estelle
Tuesday, May 6
FUEL: The Daily Habit: Akron/Family
NBC: The Today Show: Smokey Robinson
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Galactic
Wednesday, May 7
ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lil Mama
CBS: Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Mike Doughty
FUSE: The Sauce: My Chemical Romance
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: The Duke Spirit
Thursday, May 8
CURRENT: Open Windows: Death Cab For Cutie
FUEL: The Daily Habit: The Flys
FUSE: The Sauce: Three 6 Mafia
NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: The Heavy
OVATION: Live From the Artist's Den: Fountains of Wayne (REPEAT)
Friday, May 9
NBC: The Today Show: Mary J Blige
NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Carly Simon
RAVEHD: Later with Jools Holland: Radiohead, Mary J Blige, Feist, Cat Power, Robyn Hitchcock
Saturday, May 10
BBCAMERICA: The Graham Norton Show: Sandi Thom
NBC: Saturday Night Live: My Morning Jacket
PBS: Austin City Limits: Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley

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drake leLane said...

Picks for the week of 05.05.08

1. Saints of Los Angeles - Mötley Crüe
2. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
3. Broken Lungs - Thrice
4. No Substitute Love - Estelle
5. The Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson
6. I've Got Some Friends - Akron/Family
7. From the Corner to the Block Feat. Juvenile - Galactic
8. Lip Gloss/ No Music - Lil Mama
9. 27 Jennifers - Mike Doughty
10. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
11. The Step And The Walk - The Duke Spirit
12. I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
13. Got You (Where I Want You) - The Flys
14. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) - Three 6 Mafia
15. Someone To Love - Fountains of Wayne
16. That Kind Of Man - The Heavy
17. Just Fine - Mary J. Blige
18. This Kind of Love - Carly Simon
19. Bodysnatchers - Radiohead
20. I Feel It All - Feist
21. Metal Heart - Cat Power
22. Beautiful Shock - Robyn Hitchcock
23. When Horse Power Ment What It Said - Sandi Thom
24. It Beats 4 U - My Morning Jacket
25. Beautiful - Damian Marley
26. The Traffic Jam - Stephen Marley
27. Father's Place - Julian Marley