Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

With only one episode left this season (that's right, season) Reaper finally gets back to Sam's contract, and why his father was destroying all those pages twelve episodes ago (already feels like ancient history). The episode also poses a question on our minds since about that time as well: Is Sam the devil's son? Tony seems pretty sure of it now, after watching Sam share some turkey jerky with Old Scratch, and all season long, the point has been made that Sam's relationship with the Devil is very special. Sam only has to bat those puppy dog eyes to get the Lord of Darkness to melt, letting the very guilty Gladys back out of hell.

The power of persuasion seemed to be theme of the episode, with the soul of the week Mike (played by Desperate Housewives' Richard Burgi) being the personification of persuasion. Mike uses his wooing powers on Gladys as a loophole to being sent back to hell. Similarly, Sara uses her powers over Benji to keep from being deported back to Manchester, working for her father -- her own personal hell. If working for your father is hell, than Sam may already be living the (anti)dream. Unfortunately, looking for his own loophole in the contract may have ended up creating a different kind of contract on Sam - one on his life. If you can't take out the devil, take out his son.

Music this week included a bit of fun, having Devil drinking a pina colada to Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass' "Green Peppers," from the famous album Whipped Cream and Other Delights. It's easy to believe the devil is a fan of that album, and it's all the more appropriate given that it makes many of us think of our father. The other song I made out was Cake's "Comfort Eagle," which features the line "to resist it is useless, it is useless to resist it," which helps underscore Gladys' explanation as to why she gave in so easily to Mike's persuasive powers.

More: Didn't Glady's vehicle to hell look remarkably like a sandworm from Dune? As if there weren't enough similarities between Reaper and Chuck already.

Reaper - Episode 1.17
1. "Green Peppers" - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass - The Devil making drinks in Sam's apt.
2. "Comfort Eagle" - Cake - Gladys talks about Mike to the gang in the bar

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Michelle Auer said...

For the longest time I was convinced that Sock was gonna turn out to be some kind of double agent demon type. I didn't expect Sam to be his son. At most, I thought Sam's dad had made a side deal or something that he was too ashamed to admit too, hence ripping pages that mention him. Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention? I always figured the Devil was trying to turn Sam bad with charm, that is why he was paying such close attention, because Sam seems so good and doesn't seem to take his bait as easily as other people might. Like the devil sees him as an interesting challenge or doesn't have as much of a hold as he claims, yet. Because being able to sell someone else's soul, in theory, goes against everything we have ever learned about Free Will.
Either way, I still love the show!

Hip-Hop said...