Friday, August 08, 2008

Forest music

The family and I are heading out camping this weekend, but I thought I'd leave you with something I've been enjoying the past couple weeks, and that's the reissue of J Tillman's excellent back catalogue of solo releases (most of which is off of Aquarium Drunkard's Autumn Tone Records). Currently, Tillman is playing drums with Fleet Foxes, and is currently pulling double duty opening many of the shows across the UK and Ireland. Folk who caught him at Sasquatch still rave about the show, and I highly recommend catching him when you can.

Here's a sampling from his four great releases, just some of my favorites (his songs are so personal that everyone will have their own list).

Playlist: J Tillman Sampler

1. "Lilac Hem" from I Will Return
2. "I Will Return" from I Will Return
3. "My Waking Days" from Long May You Run, J Tillman
4. "Seven States Across" from Long May You Run, J Tillman
5. "Darling Night" from Minor Works
6. "Jesse's Not a Sleeper" from Minor Works
7. "Crooked Roof" from Minor Works
8. "Take Care" from Minor Works
9. "A Fine Suit" from Cancer and Delirium
10. "Ribbons of Glass" from Cancer and Delirium
11. "When I Light Your Darkened Door" from Cancer and Delirium

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