Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weakerthan the other two - Bumbershoot, Day 2

the weakerthans, originally uploaded by lamentables.

Besides whittling down the acts per day, the days get whittled down as well. Sunday, by all accounts, is the weakest of the three days. In fact, at first glance, it's not even close. The battle is between Saturday and Monday, and Sunday is just sort of there. Still, Sunday is typically gets the most attendance, so perhaps this is tactical. Who knows.

I'm skipping this day, partially because the Broad Street (Rockstar) Stage is pretty thin, and also because my special lady flies back this day. But there is still plenty to see, and since you can really only see so much, it's easy to argue you could create a 'whittled' schedule that rivals the other days. The Blakes, Weakerthans, The Whigs, Black Keys, Sons & Daughters and Thee Emergency still make for a pretty good day. Just not one I will be attending.

Playlist: Bumbershoot, Day 2

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