Tuesday, September 02, 2008

90210, Talk that smack

The CW may have skipped sending out the pilot for screening the series 90210, but we do know at least something about tonight's episode. The band Tilly and the Wall will be making an appearance on tonight's premiere, playing at a not-so-sweet sixteen party for character Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord). They play the song "Pot Kettle Black," which is perfect for the bitch set, with lyrics like:
Oh my god, Did you hear (yeah)
About that bitch, and what she did?
I don't believe it... Aw, aw
What a ho, what a tramp, what a slut
Pot kettle, pot kettle black
Talk that, talk that smack!
Pot kettle, pot kettle black
Watch your, watch your back
We also know that the Peach Pit is back, only this time around it's known simply as The Pitt. The Peach Pit is, of course the hangout that ultimately inspired The O.C.'s Bait Shop, and it's the scene of one of alternative music's most surreal moments:

"Hey is that the Flaming Lips?"
"It's not Michael Bolton."

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