Thursday, September 11, 2008


90's guitar godhead group Polvo has reunited for the upcoming All Tomorrow's Parties festival, curated this year by the similarly reunited My Bloody Valentine. Part of their warm-up tour took them to our neck of the woods and we were blessed with a face-melting performance.

Playlist: Polvo Setlist, 09.05.08

They even unveiled a new song, that not only fit in well with the set, but was pretty amazing in it's own right. A great sign that perhaps we'll see a new album in the coming year. I didn't hear them play anything from their lackluster final album Shapes, which I guess means that they recognize where their creative peak was between '93-'96. That the new song is reminiscent of this period speaks volume of this recognition. Speaking of '93-'96, I saw many of the same folks I used to see back then at shows out for this event. Perhaps a bit balder, thicker in the face and midsection, and lines under the eyes suggesting a few years of sleep deprivation from having kids... but I recognized them just the same. Of course, they were all at SP20 as well, but that crowd was too large to pinpoint the brethren so succinctly.

See you again at the Pavement reunion tour (fingers crossed) next year?

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drake leLane said...

Polvo setlist, 09.05.08

1. "Thermal Treasure
2. "Every Holy Shroud"
3. "Bridesmaid Blues"
4. "Feathers Of Forgiveness"
5. "Fractured (Like Chandeliers)"
6. "My Kimono"
7. "Fast Canoe"
8. "Vibracobra"