Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skins: Grounded

Music is used here to suggest that perhaps Tony didn't survive the bus crash, but then it moves into an original track by Skins composer Segal (called "Clutch") and we see Maxie and co. showing off his dancing skills, much like we met him in the very first episode (except here, he's got some partners -- see video). Tony's alive, but he's pretty much the opposite of how we first met him, in fact, he's got more in common with the actor Nicholas Hoult's Marcus character from About a Boy than he does with the Tony we came to know, love to hate and then, somehow, sympathize with. Tony's still on the outs with the group, but more because he's a burden than an annoyance like he had ended up. If Tony wants in, Maxxie wants out, dreaming of skipping college and trying out as a professional dancer. Turns out he might get some of his dancing skills from his father, played by UK comedian Bill Bailey, as exhibited by this dog dance, done to Julian Ronnie's appropriately named "Dog Dance":

All in all, more songs made the cut from the original than usual this time out, including Grizzly Bear's "The Knife," which had been cut from the Grizzly Bear-rich episode a couple weeks ago. Also making the cut is Posh Kenneth's rap (by staff writer MC Toby Welch) and local Bristol act Day One with "Bad Before Good" (featured with Maxxie dancing on the roof). But to cut the joyous Asobi Seksu's "Thursday" out of the touching scene where Tony signs his name (and says "do I have to gay you now?") gives back a lot of gained goodwill.

Playlist: Skins - Episode 2.01
1. "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor" - J.S. Bach
2. "Clutch (Maxxie's Dance)" – Fat Segal (video) (download)
3. "Knife" - Grizzly Bear
4. "Flawed is Beautiful" - These Animal Men
5. "Dog Dance" - Julian Ronnie (video)
6. "Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash
7. "Bad Before Good" - Day One (video) (download)
8. "In Her Face" - Posh Kenneth aka MC Toby Welch (video)
9. "Organ Donor" - DJ Shadow
10. "Engine Room" - Tunng
11. "Limit to Your Love" - Feist
12. "Thursday" - Asobi Seksu

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