Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skins: Now that's an ending

"Then came the day Osama blew us away"

Is it too soon to laugh at a musical about 9/11? It probably is still for quite a few here in the US (and especially New York,) as the BBC America boards (sort of) lit up after the airing of this episode, which is really the only place to find a reaction, as the blogs seemed to go silent. The episode hasn't even made it to iTunes, and we're entering our fourth day since it aired. (Here's scenes from the musical in video below:)

I found the episode to be pretty funny, the musical to some extent, but especially Chris' reaction to everything ("now that's an ending!") I knew that would be my headline, and thankfully, the real ending was also special. Anwar using the filmography of Hugh Grant in an attempt to 'keep him in the game longer' was pretty funny, and found myself disappointed they didn't get to a certain film that also starred one Nicholas Hoult (Tony). So after some delay, when Anwar announced he "never gets as far as About a Boy," I ended up waking my wife with hysterical laughter.

This is probably the first episode I've seen where the replacement music they used in a scene was actually better than the original. The first creepy scene with Sketch at the beginning originally used Aqualung's "Good Times Gonna Come," but what ended up playing here was much cooler. The same snippet of song was used when Anwar climaxes as he repeats "Bridget Jones" a second time. I still would've liked to hear "North American Scum" at the drama teacher's party, since he confesses to solidarity with his New York bretheren, and the original placement of "Addicted to Love" would've worked wonders when dancing inappropriately with Michelle.

Playlist: Skins - Episode 2.02
1. "Good Times Gonna Come" - Aqualung
2. "North American Scum" - LCD Soundsystem
3. "Addicted To Love" - Robert Palmer
4. "Bees" - Laura Cantrell
5. "Spread Your Love" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
6. "Fuck the People" - The Kills
7. "All Arounder" - Oneida
8. "Today" - featuring Maxxie, from Osama The Musical by Julian Ronnie (download)
9. "Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy" from Osama The Musical (download)
10. "Then Came the Day" - Osama The Musical (download)
11. "Hate" - Cat Power

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Anonymous said...

you know by any chance whats the song they used instead of aqualung's??
i've been searching for that song forever!! D: