Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life: Honeyhoney, Badge Bunny

There's a reason that NBC stands by Life, even in the face of it's on-the-bubble ratings, and many of those reasons were on full display in this episode, harkening back to the great string of episodes from last season. Centering around the fascinating subculture of badge bunnies (cop groupies,) this week's mystery delved into sexual politics in the police force. We're able to look at it from the outside thanks in part because our guides, Detective Crews and Reese, are outsiders themselves. Crews is the ultimate outsider, while Reese is an outsider here because she's a woman. "Do you date cops?" a bunny asks Detective Reese at one point. "No, I am a cop."

The role of gun as metaphor was brilliant here. For the badge bunnies, an invitation to the shooting range is akin to a groupie getting backstage at a show. An officer's gun is very intimate, and to handle it is very sexual. That even goes for Reese's piece, so when Tidwell and her exchange guns at the shooting range, it was extremely sexual. Having this scene intertwine with the flirtations of the bunnies with Crews was brilliant, and the music made the scene even better, nearly playing all of Honeyhoney's aptly titled "Little Toy Gun." Watching Crews and Reese squirm as they exchange embarrasments ("is that glitter on your face" and "that's not your gun") was, of course, the comedic payoff to all the flirtations we witnessed prior. Add to that the quirkiness of facing off a tiger named Fluffy, and you've got the kind of sequence that keeps executives from wanting to cancel this often brilliant series.

The aforementioned Honeyhoney song has a video worth mentioning in that it features Keifer Sutherland both directing and co-starring in it. And yes, it does feature him carrying a piece.

Life - Episode 2.09
1. "No Explanations" - Sam Phillips
2. "Little Toy Gun" - Honeyhoney

Watch the full episode here (note: original music replaced)

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citosol said...

I LOVED your explanation about the gun metaphor.
I found the whole 'shooting range' session very hot and sensual.
I really think Sarah Shahi was born to play thing like those!

drake lelane said...

thanks citosol...

I was actually skeptical of Shahi until recent episodes. I love Reese's recurring bits like her 'superpowers' and the repeating back of phrases like "did you just say Lezbo?" When she said that particular one, though, all I could think of was Shahi's character on The L Word.

garnett said...

not the song played in the version episode currently available on HULU.

I wonder why it's different . . .

drake lelane said...

As with most series, NBC doesn't want to pay the music license for online, so they strip out the songs and replace with cheap alternatives.

Philo said...

I also loved this scene. Loved it so much I grabbed it an posted it here