Friday, November 21, 2008

True Blood: Sucked In

I fully admit that I was skeptical about True Blood after the first few episodes, but in the past five episodes or so, it has really blossomed into the kind of show that HBO hoped it would be: a hit. Heading into it's finale this Sunday, the series has already moved into being the third most watched series in HBO's history, behind only The Sopranos and Sex and the City. Part of the attraction has to do with the current Twilight phenomenon that's sweeping the nation, but I suspect that there would be an audience regardless of what's selling at Hot Topic.

After initially being thrown into the rich Charlaine Harris created world (Southern Vampire Mysteries), the series has gotten it's feet under them, and it's far more fun now. Part of it has to do with the casting, as the actors getting added to the cast of late have been studendous. Stephen Root (Newsradio, Office Space) recently had an arc as a gay vampire accountant, while Michelle Forbes (In Treatment, Battlestar Galactica) and Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek (Damages) have recently joined the fray.

But it was really when Lizzy Caplan came on as the V-is-for-more-than-vegan loving Amy that the series really started to take off. Sookie's brother Jason was getting to be annoying, but the chemistry between Amy and him contained real magic, and gave actor Ryan Kwanten more to do than strut around with his shirt off (it certainly didn't hurt that Caplan was topless quite a bit as well). Even the most annoying character Tara (Rutina Wesley,) has now become a favorite (showing up drunk to an engagement party in a prom dress sealed the deal).

With the finale Sunday, the series timing has been perfect. The fact that we already know who the killer is doesn't even ruin the suspense as knowing the killer is just half the mystery here. (The reveal was subtle and I'm sure plenty missed it -- here it is.)

Besides the identity of the killer, we also know, by the title, that the episode will feature the Johnny Winter classic "You'll Be the Death of Me", since True Blood double song titles as the episode titles. Winter, who has always kind of looked like a vampire, sings about a different kind of vampire, a lover bent on sucking the life out of him.

Who will die? Who will survive to make it to season 2 (already in production!) It's comforting knowing that the second season will be back sooner than first expected, striking the coals while the vampire is hot. For those that need to catch up, there will be some marathons in December, including a big one New Year's Eve, and I have it on good authority that HBO will have a much quicker turnaround for releasing the first season on DVD than normal, as well.

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Arjan said...

for a moment I thought the vampire judge was the same guy as Alistair (Mark Rolston) in Supernatural (last couple of eps). They do have a bit of the same air to their acting, in a positive way.