Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spectacle: A Less Blue Lou

"A three-minute song can reduce you to tears, or make you physically get up and dance -- that's really something." - Lou Reed

Another great night of music from Sundance's Spectacle, particularly the stuff that would get edited out of most shows... pretty much nearly all of Julian Schnabel's guest remarks. The story of Reed holding Schnabel's dead father's hand while the son put on Reed's Magic and Loss on the stereo was awkwardly touching, as was his impromptu recitation of the lyrics to Reed's "Rock Minuet." But the best part for me was watching Reed light up as talked about Doc Pomus and the story of how "Save the Last Dance for Me" got written.

There really wasn't much talk of his influences beyond Pomus and the generality of radio in New York, but that's understandable considering how just influential Reed is himself -- it's hard not to return to that subject.

Elvis Costello with... - Episode 2.01 (Lou Reed)
1. "Femme Fatale" - The Velvet Undergrond - sung by Elvis Costello
2. "I'm Waiting For the Man" - The Velvet Underground - backed introduction
3. "Save the Last Dance for Me" - The Drifters - Doc Pomus songwriting
4. "Sweet Jane" - Lou Reed - Lou demonstrates the 'secret chord'
5. "Perfect Day" - Lou Reed - sung by Lou Reed and Elvis Costello
6. "Caroline Says, Pt. II" - Lou Reed - clip from the film Lou Reed's Berlin
7. "Rock Minuet" - Lou Reed - recited by Julian Schnabel
8. "Set the Twilight Reeling" - Lou Reed - sung by Lou Reed and Elvis Costello

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bumpershine said...

I loved the opening version Femme Fatale (Steve on the accordion was genius). I thought Schnabel was obviously drunk and kind of put a damper on the interview (at least he was in his pajamas though). I thought the Perfect Day duet was awkward.

drake lelane said...

Just the sort of things you don't normally get to see on programs like this, which makes it all the more fascinating.

Helene H. said...

What a great show! Lou seemed like he also maybe took a little something to calm his nerves, though.

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