Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life on Mars: Out of order

If Life on Mars wanted to draw fans from their Lost lead, I think they might have done themselves a disservice by airing this episode out of order. Where is Tyler's gunshot wound? What happened after he answered that phone in the mysterious house, telling him to go in the basement? "Take a Look at the Lawmen" was apparently chosen to lead their time slot because it does a better job of introducing characters, leaving "The Dark Side Of The Mook" and it's continuation of the story from the mid-season finale for next week.

As nice as it was seeing familiar faces in Mad Men's Maggie Siff (Rachel Menken) and The Sopranos' Vince Curatola (Johnny Sac), I just couldn't get excited about an episode that pretty much ignored the two month wait in the story line. I really only raised an eyebrow once, and that was hearing the Al Green-like voice of Darondo laying it down while Tyler was going all Don Draper on I mean Maria. It was only a few seconds of bliss, but the funk of "Legs" made the most of it. Darondo, AKA William Daron "Get That Dough" Pulliam, was an underground legend in the Bay Area, driving around in his white Rolls Royce with a personalized DARONDO license plate, but the range of his fame was pretty much limited.

Playlist: Life on Mars - Episode 1.08
1. "No Time" by The Guess Who
2. "Whiskey in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy
3. "Legs" by Darondo
4. "My Maria" by B.W. Stevenson


Kevin said...

Just taking a stab at it, I wonder whether this was fifth in production order, coming in between "Have You Seen My Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?" (the first ep with the mini Mars rover) and "Things to Do in New York When You Think You're Dead."

But I didn't really get a sense of Sam's interest in figuring out his predicament in this one. And there was hardly any payoff for the rover's appearances (current-time incursions, if you will) at all except for helping Sam figure out the path of the stray bullet that killed the old lady, but that's so tenuous it would only confuse a new viewer.

For me, it was maybe the weakest of the eight so far (I didn't like the hospital hostage crisis one much, either). And a real let-down after such a long wait.

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