Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spectacle: Who's Got the Biggest Ego?

It's amazing they fit all those egos on the stage at once.

We already knew about Sting's infamous ego, and Costello has shrunk considerably since marrying the female Harry Connick, Jr, but it still immense, according to sources. But I always thought Stewart Copeland's occasional foray into the ego field was ironic, as he usually comes off as a sort of lovable geek (like during the reunion tour press conferences). But here, he comes off like a blowhard. I'm sure he was both excited and felt comfortable from touring with Costello to give us, perhaps, too much information at too loud a volume.

Not sure why there's two sets of drums and two bassists needed on stage at the end. It did allow Sting to noodle up the neck during "Watching the Detectives," so there's that.

Playlist: Spectacle: Elvis Costello with... - Episode 1.06 (The Police)
1. "Every Breath You Take" - The Police - sang by Elvis Costello
2. "Demolition Man" - The Police - Introductions
3. "Weird Nightmare" - Elvis Costello - performed by Elvis Costello and Andy Summers
4. "Message in a Bottle" - The Police - Live clip from concert DVD
5. "Roxanne" - Sting
6. "Alison" - Elvis Costello - Elvis with Sting
7. "Flow My Tears" - Sting - Elvis with Sting
8. "Watching the Detectives" - Elvis Costello
9. "Walking on the Moon" - The Police
10. "The Sunshine of My Love" - Cream

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