Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life: The Nature of Debt

"Did the President call while I was gone?"

We've, of course, changed Presidents since we last saw Life, and if the mid-season finale ("Trapdoor" 5.12) proposed a stimulus package, this episode kind of stalled on that promise. That's alright, though... sometimes it's good to take a deep breath upon coming back, get your Zen bearings before launching... oh wait... Det. Crews did put a revenge bullet in Agent Bodner. That was possibly the quietest revenge shooting I've seen, done on Zen-like tip-toes and with concern for the environment (he recycled the bullet!).

Musically, there was a couple interesting moments, like the opening song, Jim White's "Crash into the Sun," featuring the refrain "We go crash into the sun / Ain't enough bullets in this here gun." And I enjoyed hearing Kinky's version of "Oye Como Va" as well, but for the most part, we're on hold waiting for the stimulus promised in the previous blazing episode.

Playlist: Life - Episode 2.13 ("Re-Entry")
1. "Crash Into the Sun" - Jim White
2. "Oye Como Va" - Kinky
3. "Hands Of Time" - Groove Armada

Previously: Full of bullet holes (Episode 2.12 "Trapdoor")

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