Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life: Envision the Fiery Crash

Until the end, "5 Quarts" sure seemed like another 'holding pattern' episode for Life, where the writers are still trying to get right the work-around for Sarah Shahi's baby bump. Sure, Gabrielle Union's Seever is just fine, and her and Crews (Damien Lewis) even shared a few moments that were very Reese/Crews like, but in the end, you still wanted Reese there.

And then Andrew Bird's "Fiery Crash" started to come in, and you knew something was up. The fact that this foreshadow of doom played while both Crews and Reese were locked in the Rayborn mystery suggested what came next. My guess is, there won't be any Chrissy from Three's Company phone calls next week, possibly no appearance of Reese/Shahi at all. Is this an abduction, or just a sequestering to keep their investigation from being tainted? Neither meet any ethics litmus test I can think of.

Saw pictures of Shahi at last nights TV Guide's Sexiest Issue party, and she's still very much pregnant (and lovely). Knowing that the series has little chance of being picked up, it's highly doubtful we'll ever see Reese and Crews as partners ever again.

Playlist: Life - Episode 2.19
1. "Don't You Worry" - Jim Noir - Drained assitant coroner.
2. "High Roller" - The Crystal Method - Party in a morgue.
3. "Now You're Gone" - Secret Machines - The 5 quarts.
4. "Fiery Crash" - Andrew Bird - Rayborn photos; another FBI offer.

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