Monday, April 13, 2009

Chuck versus the First Kill - Trust, Trust, Trust

Who do you trust; trust no one; you have to trust someone, put it all in a trust (whoops, not that last one). I lost count at 20 when trying tally up the number of times the word 'trust' came up, but I'm guessing it was upward of 30. Any guesses as to the theme? Quick thoughts and music from the episode to follow...

Anyway, aside from the trust issue, I'm enjoying where Chuck is taking us. We got a little better look at Fulcrum, Emmett used Morgan to take over the Buy More, and both Chuck and Sarah have gone rogue. And we got some more time with Jill (although, Jordanna Brewster is pretty wooden in the role). Besides the over-abundance of the word 'trust,' it was hard to keep track of how many movie references made their way into the episode. The two obvious ones were:
1) Parallex View - Chuck and Casey watch Fulcrum video; and
2) Godfather II - Big Mike calling out Morgan as his betrayer, ala Fredo.

Musically, the series continues to balance their love of the mid-to-late 80's with indie rock, featuring MTV staples from Twisted Sister and Duran Duran alongside Franz Ferdinand. But it was a song by the 60's girl group The Crystals that piqued my interest, due mostly to the fact that the legendary producer of that song, Phil Spector, was found guilty of murder this afternoon.

I also loved Casey's turn from being annoyed about Chuck, to genuine concern for his intersect.

"Permission to drop the twerp into a deep dark hole, General?" - Casey
"Granted" - General
"Huh?" - Casey ("Operation Moron is over?")

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 2.20
1. " " - - Opening "Obama Guava"
2. "We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister - Buy Morons let the store go / later Chuck is saved
3. "(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Going to Marry" - The Crystals - Chuck poses as Jill's fiance
4. "Hungry Like the Wolf"- Duran Duran - Chuck flashes on Uncle Bernie, chase sequence
5. "The Earth Has Lost Its Hold" - Calhoun - Jill gives ring to Chuck / Chuck gives ring back to Jill
6. "Shopping For Blood" by Franz Ferdinand - Chuck and Casey infulrate Fulcrum
"Ein deutsches Requiem" - Brahms - Morgan discovers that Milbarge's real game

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Ben said...

The "Obama Guava" song is "Porcelain" by Moby, I think.

Ben said...

Sorry, on second listen, it's not actually "Porcelain", but it does start to sound like it.