Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 5 Craziest Moments from Sasquatch 2009

It was quite the eventful Sasquatch! Festival this year. Oh sure, anytime you throw that many people in a confined space with entertainment and their own plentiful supply of drugs and alcohol, crazy things are bound to happen. But this year, there were some exceptional moments.

Top 5 Crazy moments from Sasquatch

1. Couple have very public sex during the Decemberists set, but experience The Hazards of Love when security comes and busts them:

2. The entire Monotonix set on Monday.
The Israeli band are usually guaranteed to have the craziest moment at any festival they perform at, and it took a live sex act to knock them off the top. Here's a short video of some of the highlights... you must make it to the end.

3. Murder City Devils' Spencer Moody goes on a crazy drunken rant against "the jocks" in the audience; makes out with audience; and rubs a photographer's face in his crotch (not cool).
Crazy, but in the end, kind of annoying.

4. Entire King Khan & the Shrines set, but especially when Saxaphonist Ben Ra pulled down his pants and tucked his package under for the great song "I Wanna Be a Girl." Ra's little dance recalls the creepy scene of Buffalo Bill dancing in Silence of the Lambs ("Would you f*ck me? I'd f*ck me. I'd f*ck me hard.")

5. Kevin Whelan from The Wrens was on fire the whole show, throwing his bass into the stratosphere and then into the audience, topping it off with a leap so high off the top of his bass cabinet, that folks swear my photo of it is doctored somehow when I show them.

Climax to my favorite set from the festival.

Honorable mention goes to Of Montreal's theatrics on Sunday night, and Tim & Eric's always zany antics in the comedy tent on Saturday night.

Anybody else got some craziness to add?


Arjan said...

#1 hehe, I wonder what the penalty is.
#2: nice crowd surf, did they catch him in the end or let him drop after that jump?
#3..just nasty
#4 I think I've heard of this before, guys doing wtf.
#5 A really awesome photo! I hope you can sell that photo for a decent price (if you want to).

I'm going to Pinkpop (linked to the English version) this weekend, not the best line up, but it'll be fun anyway (yay for the Boss).
Strangest thing I've seen on a festival was a guy climbing up the enormous tent over one of the stages (around 40ft high or so).

Anonymous said...

Guy starts dance party Sasquatch 2009