Thursday, June 11, 2009

On vacay, the Dish-Fisher beef & True Blood

I'm in Orlando on vacation, at what is reportedly the happiest place on earth. As such, I'm out of it as far as music and tv blogging. Besides DisneyWorld, it's hard to ignore the fact that the NBA Playoffs are in town as well and if I was at home I could actually have watched the heartbreaking loss by the Magic at the hands of Derek Fisher!. Fittingly enough, it's Fisher Communications that's part of the reason ABC is finally back on Dish Network in the Seattle area (local affiliate KOMO is part of Fisher's kingdom) as the nearly six month long beef* has been worked out finally (Woot!).

*I've had a google news alert for "fisher communications dish network" set up for nearly 6 months with nearly nothing to show for it until today, when I got somewhere around 15 hits. Said a "thank you" out loud before deleting that from my stable.

In other news, I've already written a post on the True Blood season premiere and that will show up both here and on, on Sunday night. So look for that (or don't, I won't tell you what to do -- I'm on vacation, fer crissakes ;)

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