Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rescue Me - "Disease": Veggie Tales

That's two episodes in a row now that have utilized Steven Pasqual's Broadway pedigree, putting them in the running for my annual Best Music Moments on TV for the year. This one ("To Be a Vegetable") was possibly even more elaborate than the last and Peter Tolan might want to consider try dabbling with a musical on Broadway (Rescue Me: The Musical?) I don't expect we'll see much more (I have the screeners, but haven't had a chance to get to them yet,) but I hope inspired weirdness like that will continue with the series.

"Disease" opened with a trademark Rescue Me firefighting montage set to music, this time a jaw-dropping slow motion scene set to Duffy's "Syrup & Honey". We hadn't seen much fighting of fires in the past few episodes, so the song almost seemed like it was a way of beckoning the series to come back to the fire-fighting.

And we also got this great line from Franco about Michael's use of crying to pick up the hot nurse:
"I've taught him too much... and now I must destroy him."


simon said...

Its excellent eps. Its the latest eps which i have seen. The story is fabulous. I am very fond to watch new releases of Rescue Me Tv show.

Cari said...

great song by duffy.... do you know the closing song in the episode 'mickey' ??

Tristan said...

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