Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy "4th of July" from Galaxie 500

Next week, late 80's dream popsters Galaxie 500 ship orders of their first three albums finally reissued on vinyl. Today (1988,) On Fire (1989,) and This Is Our Music (1990) are all now classics in the indie rock genre, and to celebrate the occasion of our fine country's birthday, their giving away a free mp3 of the song "4th of July," (in exchange for your email, see below). Below is also a video for Damon & Naomi's "Song to the Siren."

Fun fact: The first drum kit used by the band (used by drummer Damon Krukowski) was a loaner from Harvard classmate Conan O'Brien. It's on a many songs from early recordings of the band.

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