Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More True Blood Music: Hump-Dancin' and "Dig" info

In the wake of the recent (well watched) episode of True Blood ("Snap & Fingerpop"), there have been some scrambling about for the music featured. One artist striking while the coal is hot is funknasty rapper Cazwell, who's song "Watch My Mouth" had Lafayette hump-dancing furniture and the ground in the wake of getting some vintage v-juice from our favorite vampire Eric.

In advance of his major label debut, Watch My Mouth (coming August 4), Cazwell has a remixed version of the single "Tonight" available for free download.

Download: "Tonight (Day + To-Nite Mix)"

Meanwhile, teh internets iz frothing for the song "Dig" by Headbone, which was featured both at Tara's crazy MaryAnn-ized birthday party and through the closing credits. The lead singer of Headbone just happens to be one Bruno Coon (who sort of twitters even), who a music editor for True Blood, so one would hope that he'd be quick to take advantage of this window of opportunity to make the song available for download somewhere. Anywhere. We'll keep our eyes (and ears) peeled for that, and update this page when it's inevitably made available is some form.

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Alyson said...

Hang on-we're working on getting a link to "Dig" for you guys.

True Blood Music Supe's

Boadicea said...

The song that played immediately after "Shake and Fingerpop" at Tara's party/Tara & Egg's sex scene was a middle eastern song similar to the song by Niyaz.

Another song missing that I can't find is the song played during the scene of Jason & Steve Newlin target practicing.

Any information would be great.


drake lelane said...

Boadicea - The song after "Snap and Fingerpop" is 'Dig' by Headbone. It's reprised at the end w/ either another version of the song, or a different part of the song. I guess we'll find out soon enough (see Alyson comment above ;).

All other music not listed in the tracklisting is most likely score created for the scene.

Maybe some True Blood Music Supe's can back me up ;)

Melanie Baker said...

There's a link to a partial version of Dig here: http://songza.com/~apgxo6

(It's only 1:18 and doesn't have the really heavy beat instrumental only section played on the show.)

Boadicea said...

Drake - Your are currect ... had to rewatch the show again (oh my, such hard work). The song immediately after "Shake and Fingerpop" is "Dig". I must be getting the orgy scenes confused :) Anyway - what is the song played while Sam is kitchen with Daphne - is it also Dig?


bruno said...

Headbone - Dig ft Tense Young Man

Sherry said...

“The Forgotten People” by Thievery Corporation was the song Tara and Eggs were having sex to.

drake lelane said...

Reminder... full tracklisting w/ links is in prior post.

Sindra said...

Oh, I´d just LOVE to get that song, it´s so great!

Anonymous said...

The song is out and is on youtube and iTunes.

sfgreek said...

Still looking for the version that played during Tara's party scene. Different arrangement? Definitely a different lead singer, or at least differently processed lead track.

Boadicea said...


I'm still working on the music pages on HBO's True Blood Wiki - last November IMeem took down their site and we lost all our music widgets. This week, I should have all the music widgets added from Grooveshark. Check out:

I should have Season 2 completed in the next several days - then start on Season 3.


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