Tuesday, July 28, 2009

True Blood "Hard-Hearted Hannah" - Ensnared

After a string of intriguing episodes, this one left me flat, and perhaps the less that is said about this episode, the better. If there was a theme, it appeared to be entrapment. Sam, Sookie, Godrick, the 1920's couple... heck, even Bill is trapped.

If watching previous vampire series has taught us anything, it's that the flashback is inevitable. Sometimes it can turn out cool (last week's flashback of Eric being turned), sometimes it can be hokey -- this week's bloody speakeasy for example. Maybe I'm just paying less attention now, but it seems like a bit of the buzz and sheen has come off True Blood. None of the cool kids are tweeting about it now, anyway. Until next week...

Playlist: True Blood - Episode 2.06
1. "Dark Horse" - Stock music from Extreme Music: Hotel carmilla lobby
2. "Reflections" - Joel Evans & Friends: Piano in Hotel Carmilla lobby
3. "Real Love (ft Natasja)" - Von Daler & Low Pressure: Bill & Sookie talk with Isabel & Hugo
4. "Hard-Hearted Hannah (The Vamp from Savannah)": Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) - Flashback to 30's, Bill on Piano
5. "Two Angels" - Peter Case: Sam & Daphne after hours at Merlottes
6. "Dead Flowers" - The Rolling Stones: Tara & Eggs drive Maryann's Jag
7. "Gator Blues" - Willie Aaron & Joey Peters: Merlotte's
8. "Walk First" - Steve O. McComb: Merlottes
9. "Shakin' All Over" - Eilen Jewell: Hoyt reveals what Jessica is to his mother
10. "Get You Back" - Son of Dave: Andy sees a pig and dog cross the road
11. "So to Speak" - DJ? Acucrack: Surveying mess at Sookie's house
12. "Maenad's Delight" - Bruno Coon: Tara & Eggs come upon Maryann's ritual in the backyard
13. "Hard-Hearted Hannah (the Vamp from Savannah)" - Dolly Kay: End credits

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