Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skins "Cook": The Only Card I Need is...

This is the episode that perhaps best illustrates just why it took so long for the third season to make it to BBC America after it was originally announced. Not only did they have to edit out the language & nudity, but in replacing all the music, they had to re-shoot several scenes because Cook was singing them.

So instead of Cook opening and closing the episode singing Motorhead's "Ace of Spades," we get a reshoot of the same scene, with him instead singing some random song nobody's heard of. Same goes for the pivotal scene (if there can be such a thing here) where Cook sings Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs." It loses a lot (pretty much all) it's charm with what BBC America ends up having to broadcast. While were at it, we might as well throw in the dedication by Johnny White (Mackenzie Crook of BBC's The Office fame) to his daughter Kayliegh, which was backed ironically by Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird."

Honestly, this season has enough problems without adding this headache. Just take a look at the songlist below, and know that the only song to make it across the Atlantic is 101ec6's "Counter Stroke" -- which backed Cook gorging on his birthday cake -- and possibly some score from Fat Segal. But that's it.

Playlist: Skins - Episode 3.02
1. "Ace of Spades" - Motorhead
2. "I Will Follow" - U2
3. "Great Gig in the Sky" - Pink Floyd
4. "Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen
5. "Counter Stroke" - 101ec6
6. "One of These Days" - Pink Floyd
7. "It's Dead" - Skallywags
8. "Millennium" - Robbie Williams
9. "Tambourine" - Eve
10. "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor
11. "Songbird" - Fleetwood Mac
12. "White Wedding" - Billy Idol
13. "I Write the Songs" - Barry Manilow
14. "Kayleigh" - Marillion
15. "Lake Control" - Fat Segal
16. "Break" - Son Lux


Anonymous said...

Okay, so i know this is a year later, but i am only now watching Season 3, and in Episode 2 ("Cook"), right after Cook eats a bag of drugs and walks up to the stage at he party, there is a song playing. i need to find this song, but i listened to every one that i could find in peoples' catalog of this episode, and none of them are it. The only lyric you hear is "before we all come around", and i swear i have Googled that phrase in every which way only to come up with nothing. If you, by any chance, know this song, i would greatly appreciate knowing! Thanks kindly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i have also looked everywhere for that song and it is annoying the hell out of me because i cant find it. I would love to know this song

Anonymous said...

It's Antarctica by Black Tie Dynasty