Monday, September 21, 2009

House "Broken": Housebroken... get it?

Ok Mr. Laurie, here's your Emmy.

The two-hour season premiere for House was a refreshing step outside of what was getting to be a stale template for the series. Save for a brief call to Wilson, this was a lot of heavy lifting from Hugh Laurie as House. Andre Braugher was great as Dr. Nolan (why isn't this man on television more?) and Franka Potente slummed in the role of token love interest Lydia.

A lot more music than other House episodes, and none of the usual sentimental adult alternative wallpaper they usually choose. In fact, the most boring song was the not-at-all boring "Seven Day Mile" by The Frames, which closed out the episode, signaling how far House has gone (and still needs to go).

Playlist: House - Episode 6.01
1. "No Surprises" - Radiohead
2. "Love Vigilantes" - Iron & Wine
3. "Where There's Smoke There's Fire" - Johnnie Taylor
5. "Life" - Sly & the Family Stone
6. "Macarena" - Los del Rio
7. "Seven Day Mile" - The Frames


MacGruff said...
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MacGruff said...

Nice thoughts, and this episode is up there on my top 10 list of favorite House episodes...

Since Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, and that particular song, while not "obscure" to fans, might be thought of such to normal viewers, but its melody and content hopefully piqued the interest of many to search for it..."what was the lead in music on episode, House, "Broken"

A fantastic episide in my opinion, and not just because of the break from the normal episode "flow", but because I've also been a huge fan of Franka since Run, Lola, Run.

and to the point... I believe the lack of T.V. appearances from Andre Braugher was due to his schedule on the new TV series "Men of a certain age" on TNT(?)

I became a fan of his from his work on "Homocide" which was a spin off of "Law and Order"