Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glee "Throwdown": Fortuna

Another week, another episode where we have to look the other way anytime Terri's ridiculous fake pregnancy is waved in our face. We're expected to believe that Will is that clueless? Thankfully, Jane Lynch's Sue makes it all go down so much easier.

While it's generally overused, hearing "O Fortuna" repeatedly throughout the episode (as a theme for the Will/Sue conflict) tickled me nonetheless. I always fantasized having that particular movement has my walk-in music for when I'm up to bat in my fantasized baseball career. Of course, if you strike out, or even worse, hit a dribbler back to the pitcher, it's the definition of anti-climactic.

Elsewhere, is it just me, or is the electronic vocal assistance (pssst... autotune) on the Glee Cast songs becoming distracting? Probably just me. Hey, if you're a fan of the (overproduced) songs from the cast, a soundtrack is on it's way, Glee:The Music, Volume 1, available now for pre-order / on the shelves November 3. Spoiler alert: here's a few songs we haven't heard yet, so we can expect them in the next couple episodes: Young MC's "Bust a Move," Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," Billy Idol/Generation X's "Dancing with Myself" and, in the meta department "Defying Gravity" from Wicked (sung by Glee guest Kristen Chenoweth in the musical).

1. "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana - Carl Orff: Used throughout as score to Will/Sue conflict
2. "Hate on Me" - Glee Cast (Jill Scott original)
3. "Ride Wit Me" - Nelly (New Directions jam session)
4. "You Keep Me Hanging On" - Glee Cast (The Supremes original)
5. "No Air" - Glee Cast (Jordin Sparks original)
6. "Keep Holding On" - Glee Cast (Avril Lavigne original)

Previously: "Vitamin D" (Episode 1.07)

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the autotune--it is distracting. Other than as an occasional effect, the cast doesn't really need much assistance on vocals.