Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craig Ferguson's 1000th Episode Puppet Spectacular

As previewed on Monday, Craig Ferguson celebrated his 1000th Late Late Show episode last night, and it was chock full of puppety goodness. Wavy the Crocodile hosted and participated in the hottest cold open the talk show has done (scroll down). But the highlight, as we predicted, was Jason Segel with Dracula puppet singing "Dracula's Lament," complete with The Broken West backing him.

The band helped turn what was an intimate charmer in the movie into an E Street Band crowd-pleaser. By the end, we're all bellowing along with Segel's Dracula:

The "hot" cold open, with Wavy the puppet miming "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk":

Closing, with all the puppets (and MST 3000's Joel Hodgson) swaying to James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" (credits are worth watching too):

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Anonymous said...

The song with the "Dracula" puppet would have been a great bit, if the puppeteers had stayed out of the picture. The puppet was very live, the voice for it was great - but seeing the puppeteers was totally distracting, and defeats the whole purpose of puppetry. The highlight?? Rather the opposite.

drake lelane said...

Jason Segel was the draw here, so if we hadn't seen him, there'd be even more complaints.

I liked how they staged it... we got the best of both worlds. The first half, we're given the puppet experience, then the second half, a behind the scenes peek. Not getting to see Segel smiling and bellowing out those laughs would've been criminal.

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