Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Lost "LA X": Best of Both Worlds

Throughout it's run, Lost has felt free to dip into the realm where physics, philosophy and theology meet, and with this, the final season (and premiere two-parter)"LA X," they've managed to hit on all three at once.

When Season 5 ended with a white screen, most thought (ie, me) it would be a reboot, as the other options swayed between most the cast dying in a nuclear bomb blast and more time travel. When Darlton claimed there'd be a new narrative tool this season, I guess we should've guessed they'd combine the options, and use a philosophy/theology/physics theory to back it up (parallel worlds of theodicy).

Since the series has moved to Tuesdays, I'm once again going to be last to seeing it as it coincides with my league basketball games (last season, it was the Dish/Fisher Communications stare down that kept Lost off our tv). Given the lateness, and the abundance of commentary out there, I'm going to keep my posts short, and link to everyone else's that have already come prior.

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