Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost "Recon": Can you Con a Con (in a Canoe)?

All I know at this late hour after watching "Recon" is I would totally watch a Lost spinoff series featuring LA Detectives SawyerJames Ford and Miles Straume.

The title of "Recon" is a nice turn on season one's title of "Confidence Man," with both getting a secondary capitalization of the "CON" part. Smokey's been working the world's longest con, but he's now dealing with the king of con's in Sawyer, who seems to be playing FakeLocke by... um... telling the truth? Genius.

And whodathunk that Lost would reference Little House on the Prairie, of all shows?
"And know that people aren't really gone when they die. They've all the good memories to sustain us until we see them again."
Mmmm... it might just be that it's 3AM, but it seems like that has a bit extra levity in the midst of this limbo-like 'sideways' storyline on Lost.

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Bumpershine said...

Tues night's Lost was my favorite Lethal Weapon movie ever.

drake lelane said...

Are you sure it wasn't Nash Bridges?