Sunday, April 25, 2010

Treme "Right Place, Wrong Time": People want to see what happened

Treme, I'm coming to believe, is a bit like a stripper on Bourbon St. She gives you all kind of reasons to lust after her, but you'll always be kept at arm's length. The final scene, with the Katrina tour bus and the Indians practice, is a good example of what I'm talking about. Albert and the tribe do a rendition of the prayer "Indian Red," a song sacred to the traditions of the Mardi Gras Indians, when the tour bus breaks the spell, and angers the chieftains. It's a reminder that as an average viewer, we're tourists here as well, and we'll never be fully accepted here in this TV relationship. "People want to see what happened," is the tour guide's explanation for what they're doing there, but that's also a good reason why Treme series got the green light in the first place.

*Dr. John performs in the song earlier, in its "My Indian Red" form, and Donald Harrison's version plays over the credits. Lyrics in the song parallel Albert's quiet pride:
He won't bow down, down on the ground
Oh how I love to hear him call Indian Red
A few of the songs from tonight's episode (full listing in the morning)
Playlist: Treme - Episode 1.03
1. "Lake Charles" - Lucinda Williams
2. "Think Deep" - Coleman Hawkins
3. "La Vie en Rose" (linking to famed Edith Piaf version here) - Sonny (Michiel Huisman) and Annie (Lucia Micarelli): talks to Tom McDermott
4. "Toulouse St Blues" - Black Dogs, Sonny (Michiel Huisman) and Annie (Lucia Micarelli)
5. "Right Place, Right Time" - Dr. John (Sonny looking at wine)
6. "My Indian Red" - Dr. John (in studio practicing for Lincoln Center benefit concert)
7. "Dawg Days" - Little Queenie
8. "(I Don't Stand) a Ghost of a Chance" (links to Billie Holiday version) - 9. Sonny (Michiel Huisman), Annie (Lucia Micarelli) and Antoine (Wendell Pierce)
10. "Funky Liza" - New Orleans Nightcrawlers
11. "Ace in the Hole" - The Radiators
12. "A Certain Girl" - Ernie K-Doe
13. "Strippers" - Davis (Steve Zahn)
14. "King Porter Stomp" - Tom McDermott & Annie (Lucia Micarelli)
15. "Angel Eyes" - James Booker
16. "New Orleans Blues" (link to Jelly Roll Morton version) - Tom McDermott & Annie (Lucia Micarelli)
17. "Tipitina" (links to Professor Longhair version) - Davis (Steve Zahn) piano lessons
18. "Hey Pocky Way" (links to Wild Tchoupitoulas version) - Albert (Clarke Peters) and the Mardi Gras Indians
19. "Indian Red" (linked to The Golden Eagles version) - Albert (Clarke Peters) and the Mardi Gras Indians
20. "Indian Red" - Donald Harrison Jr.

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