Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Louie Louie Louie Lou-aye

Louie C.K.'s latest venture on the boob tube is a tour de force -- he stars, writes, directs, edits and is best boy or something. The stand-up/vignette hybrid is hilarious, and since he's playing himself and they're in New York, there's inevitably some Seinfeld comparisons out there. But there's really little else in common with the 90's favorite, except that it's damn funny. It's based on Louie C.K.'s stand-up act, and if you aren't familiar, just know that his brand of self-deprecation is encrusted with some sweet and sour misery.

One thing that Louie C.K. had someone else do in the series is the music, and former Seattlite singer/songwriter (Maktub) turned Brooklyn-based comedian Reggie Watts does a magnificent job capturing the mundane with some low key jazz and even spices things up in the second episode with a piece that gives a nod to Led Zeppelin's In Through the Outdoor for Louie's early 80's flashback.

I've seen the first four eps (FX is showing two back-to-back Tuesday nights following Rescue Me) and there is even more hilarity coming up.

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