Friday, August 20, 2010

Bliss on the Moon: Doe Bay Fest 2010

Drew Grow & the Pastor Wives
Like Mt. Everest (in reverse?), Doe Bay Fest can take awhile to get to, and even more so to leave, but when you're there and it's on, boy, talk about breathtaking bliss. If it weren't for the difficult process in getting to and from, it would be hands down the best festival. But really, the festival's success owes a lot to the journey, as it's a great deterrent for the douchebags. Works even better than security and heavy duty fences (hear that CHBP?).

I've held back from writing this up in part because we were in Victoria for a couple days after the festival (one way to beat the retreat) and also because as a parent of two, my festival experience was far different than the Yoga Studio and after-hours highlighted pieces. And it's been that way from the start, back in 2008 where it was more like a hootenanny amongst friends. As it's grown, instead of there just being more strangers, it's seemed like more potential friends (and our Facebook friend corrals grow exponentially as a result).

I haven't even talked about the music, which in the rear view mirror can sometimes feel like sweet dessert to go with a healthy meal. Fruit Bats, Drew Grow and Hey Marseilles were all highlights for me, but again, with a five and three-year old in tow, the joys and expectations are far different. The Yoga Studio, bonfire and after-hours entertainment kind of get missed, but to see your kids enjoy and participate in the music is more than enough for me. That goes for taking photos, though, as well... with the responsibility of kids, I don't have as much time to take photos, but here's a few that felt like they were worth the kid-juggling effort to pull the camera out.
Hey Marseilles headlining Friday night
The Maldives
Zane dances to Fruit Bats headlining Saturday night
Doe Bay owner Joe with co-organizer Chad

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