Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dexter "My Bad": Widowmaker

When Dexter concluded last season with that bloody bombshell, it was doubly incredible because showrunner Clyde Phillips was leaving the series. Anticipation this season was just as high for what how Dex would faire in new showrunner Chip Johannessen's hands as much as just to see how Dex handled the death of Rita. The answer to both is, in a word, compelling.

Dexter has always managed to keep things light despite the darkness of the subject matter, but occasionally, as in episodes like this, it's near impossible to make light. Early on, Vincent Masuka makes one of his usual inappropriate wise cracks at the scene, but this is family, and nobody is going to even crack a smile. That served as a nice set up to the tone of the episode, one where even the usual pastel colors of Miami seemed muted. How Johannessen handles the tone going forward remains to be seen, but 'handle with care' ruled the day on the premiere.

There's never really a lot of music to comment on for this series, which is fine and dandy, but for the premiere, I believe they called back to a song used from the pilot. Beny More's iconic "Conoci la Paz". A nod to the past as we move into the future with a new regime.

Dexter - Episode 5.01
1. "Conoci la Paz" - Beny More

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