Monday, September 27, 2010

Lone Star "One in Every Family": The Way the Wind Blows

All the life has been officially choked out of Lone Star. FOX has pulled the series due low ratings and it will be replaced with Lie to Me, until Shawn Ryan's Ride-Along is ready to take over in January. Five episodes in total were produced, leaving three unaired. (Scroll down for music.)

So, one new show down, and it's the only new network drama I had found worth watching. (I've seen the Ride-Along pilot, and it's good. You better watch that one, you elusive Nielsen Ratings viewer!)

Of course, now who's going to sell all those Mumford & Sons and Jose Gonzalez/Junip albums now?

Lone Star - Episode 1.02
1. "Howl" - Junip (Jose Gonzalez) [download]
2. "Afraid of Everyone" - The National [download]

Previously: "Pilot" (Episode 1.01)

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yourblindspot said...


It's the only one I found worth watching too -- it figures.

If you're interested in salve and/or commiseration, creator Kyle Killen has a blog at I had to drop by and offer my condolences. I'm sure he's feeling more than a little raped by the system right about now... Best reviewed new show of the season lasts eight days? Dude. His luck sounds suspiciously like mine.