Monday, October 04, 2010

Chuck vs. The Cubic Z: Blasts from the Past

The slashed budget Chuck is in full effect with "vs the Cubic Z," as the entire episode essentially took place within the Buy More and it's high security basement. There have been some gems to come out of similarly limited evirons ("Chuck vs Santa Claus," for one) but sadly this is not one. Now that the instruments to keep Chuck and Sarah apart are now not part of the story, new ways for there to be "will they or won't they" moments are being introduced. I liked image of Big Mike's ring sliding down the ducts, but I'm a bit leery of the 'accidental proposal' bit.

Loved hearing King Khan & the Shrines' "Land of the Freak" during the Buy More melee, but besides Big Mike taking out Hans Gruber with the taser prod, that part of the episode was pretty forgettable. Remember when the Buy More scenes were funny?

Chuck - Episode 4.03
1. "Beat the Devil's Tattoo" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [download]
2. "Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)" - DEVO [download]
3. "Land of the Freak" by King Khan & the Shrines [download]
4. "In the Valley" - Chief [download]

Previously: "Chuck vs the Suitcase" (Episode 4.02)


Anonymous said...

what's the track at 30:16?

Anonymous said...

never mind, it was one of those after all :)