Sunday, October 17, 2010

Luther "Episode 1": Just Ask Alice

While a TV series about a detective as messed up as the criminals he's chasing isn't a new thing, having Idris Elba (The Wire's Stringer Bell) certainly makes things novel. Pitting him up against a female Hannibal Lecter doesn't hurt either, especially when Ruth Wilson* plays the sociopath Alice with the degree of intelligence and sexuality that she does. Novelist Neil Cross has the pedigree (Booker Prize nominee, writer for MI-5) to pull it off, but I've heard mixed things about how the series sticks the landing (I've only seen the first three episodes, which present crazy kind of potential).

*Those that watched AMC's The Prisoner likely found themselves Googling her. But that's like 12 people, so...

Luther - Episode 1.01
"Paradise Circus" - Massive Attack [download] opening sequence
"Gun" - Emiliana Torrini [download] closing credits

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