Monday, November 01, 2010

Chuck vs the First Fight: Master of Deception

I have to admit, when I read the synopsis for this episode weeks ago, I was not looking forward to another Chuck and Sarah relationship episode (their "first fight" being the vs here). But thankfully, that part of the story was pretty small, and then, of course, there was Timothy Dalton. Getting Dalton to guest star on a spy show is the kind of coup the series hasn't really enjoyed since the end of season two when the series finally took off with the help of both Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase. And his talents certainly didn't go to waste, pulling off both the clumsy MI6 handler cover ("Oh cool, a tiny weapon stand-off!") and the powerful reveal as the season long baddie, Volkoff.

Musically, Chuck again went to the Frightened Rabbit well again, which has been their house band for the past couple seasons (this time culling from their 2006 debut, Sing the Greys. Meanwhile, Florence & the Machine's "Kiss With a Fist" has been used so many times (90210 in 2008, Jennifer's Body and Community last year), but it was too perfect to pass up for being ubiquitous.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 4.07
1. "Snake" - Frightened Rabbit [download]
2. "Ghosts N Stuff" - Deadmau5 [download]
3. "We Don't Eat" - James Vince McMorrow [download]
4. "One October Song" - Nico Stai [download]
5. "Kiss with a Fist" - Florence & the Machine [download]

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