Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glee "Furt": Looking for something dumb to do

After a string of embarassing episodes, what a relief to find the Glee that so many connected with in the first season back on the air. Besides an inspired casting of Carol Burnett as Sue's mom (even though it was largely wasted), "Furt" brought back the most important ingredient in any good Glee episode: Kurt's dad Burt (Mike O'Malley). It also brought back some heart, and the wedding of Burt and Carole went a long way to keep me from deleting Glee from my DVR queue.

The Sue marrying herself storyline? Not so much, but we did get Carole Burnett in the deal, and anytime Sue the character is forced to become human, good things seem to follow.

Oh, and hey... I guess I'm supposed to remind you that Volume 4 of Glee: the Music is out next week. But you already knew that...

Playlist: Glee - Episode 2.08
1. "Ohio" - Glee Cast [Amazon / iTunes]
2. "Marry You" - Glee Cast [Amazon / iTunes]
3. "Sway" - Glee Cast [Amazon / iTunes]
4. "Just The Way You Are" - Glee Cast [Amazon / iTunes]

Previously: "The Substitute" (Episode 2.07)

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