Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MTV's $5 Cover Launched Today

18 months after shooting, MTV's 2nd edition of the Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) creation $5 Cover is finally live on their site. Lynn Shelton (Humpday, Mad Men) directed the 12 mini episode season featuring several Doe Bay Fest veterans -- The Maldives, The Moondoggies, Thee Satisfaction -- along with other local acts like The Lights, Thee Emergency, The Tea Cozies and more.

In the span of time it's taken to make it on the web (appears to be a web-only project this time out, and all the episodes are available at once), a lot has changed in the Seattle music scene, so it kind of feels like a cool time capsule for 2009. And really, regardless of whether it encapsulates the Seattle scene or not, there's a definite passion about the locales and the music that is immediately evident in Lynn Shelton's work here.

Besides the wonderful performances by the bands mentioned, and seeing The Tractor Tavern, Blue Moon and Chop Suey locales, you should watch if only to listen to Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger) and Jason Dodson (The Maldives) shoot the shit outside a show. They could really film a spin-off of them just waxing about beards and pop culture and I'd watch.

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