Monday, December 06, 2010

The Walking Dead "TS-19": Tomorrow Is a Long Time

The first season of The Walking Dead ends up taking at least a dozen episodes worth of story and boiling it down to just six, so if much of it seems rushed, we shouldn't be surprised. And that's really the only fault I have in the inaugural season for the comic book adaptation. Many characters didn't get enough time with them for us to care about their demise -- see Jacqui, for instance. I guess it's fitting then that her suicide decision to stay behind is, for all intents and purposes, shrugged off by the group (save a brief "are you sure" from T-Dog). The time at the CDC alone could've been stretched out over 2-4 episodes (or a whole season ala Sons of Anarchy's frustrating hide-the-baby story arc). Despited the rushed storytelling, I'm all in and look forward to the full 13-episode next Halloween.

The finale aptly ended with Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow is Long Time," whose lyrics deal trying to live life after losing a loved one, as there are plenty of that going around here.

The Walking Dead - Episode 1.06
"Tomorrow is a Long Time" - Bob Dylan [download]

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