Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skins (MTV) "Tony": Deja Vu

I have to admit... seeing the disparaging live tweets unfold during the broadcast made me hesitate viewing this MTV remake, but all things considered (working from the same basic opening script), MTV didn't do that bad of a job.

Those that watched the original UK (and the subsequent cut BBC America) version might remember that the opening "Tony" episode wasn't really the best foot forward (my review and preview). As a means to get the ire the Parents' Television Council (always good for a ratings push -- thanks PTC!), both versions serve as a brilliant foot forward, but the heart that the original series had won't likely be revealed until next week (although, I understand they already begin a large amount of deviation starting next week).

As far as music goes, the original UK broadcast still wins out, even though we have the carry-over of Segal doing most the incidental music. Still, loved the use of Animal Collective and a couple key scenes with New Zealand's Lawrence Arabia, including the closing. As I said, it apparently gets better and music likely goes hand in hand.

Playlist: Skins (MTV) - Episode 1.01
1. "My Girls" - Animal Collective [download]
2. "It's Like Fishing Without A Hook And Expecting To Catch A Fish" - Fiasco [download]
3. Apsci - "Crazy Crazy Insane" [download]
4. Ceci G - "Weather Tether" [download]
5. Lawrence Arabia - "Apple Pie Bed" [download]
6. The Drums - "The Future" [download]
7. Aceyalone - "Suicide" [download]
8. Segal - "Sick Bay"
9. Yacht - "Ring The Bell" [download]
10. Twin Sister - "Phenomenons" [download]
12. Phantogram - "When I'm Small" [download]
13. The So So Glos - "Lindy Hop" [download]
14. Mesita - "Here For You" [download]
15. Rioux - "Lost Hold"
16. Superthriller - "Everybody's Gotta Get Some"
17. Famous Original - "Like Blood" [download]
18. Trackademicks - "Enjoy What You Do" [download]
19. Segal (feat. Kaluuya) - "Buss Dat"
20. Blood Orange - "Sutphin Boulevard"
21. Jokers Of The Scene - "Baggy Bottom Boys" [download]
22. Grandchildren - "Cold Warrior" [download]
23. Lawrence Arabia - "Like A Fool" [download]

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