Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Skins (MTV) "Chris": Little Blue Pill

Like with the premiere ("Tony"), "Chris" is a near shot-for-shot remake of the original, but considering that the source material was one of the highlights of the UK series' entire run (so far), it still resonated with me tremendously. It's always powerful when a character originally pigeonholed as a cartoon character turns out to be one of the tragic figure of the series. Of course the class clown has a story, and 'the tears of a clown' always manage to get us right in the old ticker. Hopefully those who have been turned off by Skins will begin to see it does have a heart, even if it's taken awhile for it to appear through cracks in the partying pavement.

Another reason this episode works is the music. The first episode was up and down in that department, but it's really starting to click like the UK original did. Of course, just having original music that isn't stripped out for the US airing puts them ahead of the BBC America's version. New Zealand's Lawrence Arabia has become the house band for MTV's Skins, placing two more tracks here. Toss in some well placed Sonny & the Sunsets, Baths, Fujiya & Miyagi and a couple more from The So So Glos. Chris' drugged out scene done to Starkey's "Fourth Dimension" was quite the trippy marriage of visual and audio.

Playlist: Skins (MTV) - Episode 1.03
1. "I Want A House" - Twin Sister [download]
2. "Too Young To Burn" - Sonny & The Sunsets [download]
3. "My Left Eye" - LoveLikeFire
4. "The Beautiful Young Crew" - Lawrence Arabia [download]
5. "Let's Go Surfing" - The Drums [download]
6. "Coulda Been Me" - Luck-One & Dekk [download]
7. "Airflow (Valerna Remix)" - Clockwork
8. "Party Patrol (Lionshare Remix)" - George & Jonathan [download]
9. "Aminals" - Baths [download]
10. "Canadian Girl" - The Walkmen [download]
11. "Dial My Number" - Rusko [download]
12. "The Undesirables" - Lawrence Arabia [download]
13. "Living/Breathing" - Mesita [download]
14. "Cannibal" - Hickey & Sohn [download]
15. "Collarbone" - Fujiya & Miyagi [download]
16. "Fourth Dimension" - Starkey [download]
17. We Got The Days - The So So Glos [download]
18. "LightCycles (feat. Ceci G & White Magick)" - Dead Geoff
19. "Dead Girls Dance" - Oberhofer
20. "New Stance" - The So So Glos [download]

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