Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skins (MTV) "Eura/Everyone" - Let it all out

The experiment that is re-working Skins for the US on MTV has ended its first (and possibly last) season. And while -- like it's UK parent -- the season was riddled with problems, I would happily welcome another season, as there were enough moments of brilliance and differentiation from the original to warrant a longer look. (The ratings were up for the season's finale, but renewal chances are still on the iffy side.)

Take the infamous UK finale with Sid breaking into Cat Stevens' "Wild World" (a Magnolia moment). Tony getting hit by a bus was so absurd the singing served to take what could've been absurd to a surreal art form. It's safe to say that bit of crazy wouldn't fly on MTV, so instead we have Stanley (US' Sid) spontaneously taking the mic at a Starscream show and singing Tears for Fears' "Shout." Starscream joining him on queue is as crazy as we get (that and Cadie joining in perfect harmony). Ultimately, the UK version naturally works better (Nicholas Hoult as Tony alone makes it difficult for the US version to rise to the bar that was set), but we're at least given a glimpse into how they might handle some scenarios like this in a creative fashion.

Playlist: Skins (MTV) - Episode 1.10
1. "Lina Magic" - 3D Friends (Theme Song) [free mp3 download]
2. "Dear Heartbeat" - Darkstar [free mp3 download]
3. "Gravity In Terms Of Space-Time" - Starscream [free mp3 download]
4. "Kepler's Star Catalog" - Starscream [free mp3 download]
5. "December 28th" - [Cavemanfree mp3 download]
6. "Free Today" - Figurines
7. "Piranhas Club" - Man Man (from forthcoming release Live Fantastic, out May 10, 2011)
8. "Me & Mandy" - Lionshare [download]
9. "Tan Lines" - Valleys [download]
10. "Surrounded By Your Friends" - Hooray For Earth [download]
11. "Holding Stones" - Little Tybee [download]
12. "Shades Of Blue" - Guido [download]
13. "Elgrin" - Fat Segal
14. "Silly Billy Borg" - Fat Segal
15. "Shout (Tears for Fears)" - Starscream (feat. Danny Flaherty & Britne Oldford)
16. "Say Goodbye" - Sophie Barker [download]

Previously: "Stanley" (Episode 1.05)

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