Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Tension, All Slack

For anyone who's ever chatted about car racing over a cold Ranier, all while classic American rock-influenced indie rock is playing somewhere in the background, you've probably already attended this festival in your mind.

The lineup of Jack Wilson, Golden Blondes, Whale Bones, Joseph Giant, My Goodness, American Girls (Tom Petty Cover band), The Maldives and Moondoggies all meshed together perfectly with the sun, pints of Ranier along with the checkered flag, stoplights and flatbed setting of Slime Dog racetrack.

At some point during the American Girls set, the locals and the rest of us became sort of one, swaying to each song. Whether it's that Petty is the perfect name to marry rock to niche car racing, or everybody had just consumed enough of (your vice of choice here), there was something truly magical happening.

I spent a good portion of the festival day making sure the smallish day-only parking area could handle the steady stream of cars. It was like biblical fish and loaves of bread the way it all worked perfectly in the end, but I couldn't stop playing parking Tetris long enough to get much in the way of band shots until later, when the parking sitch was as good as it was going to get and the mix of beer and certain baked goods started to take over. But I did get some shots of some of Slime Dog's racing vehicles.

Doe Bay Festival had become THE ticket to get until Artist Home got a hold of this beauty, and I bet next year, there's going to

Until next time, Slackers!

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