Friday, November 11, 2011

Chuck vs the Frosted Tips: Pants on the Ground

I think we've finally run the course of the Chuck vs [insert Morgan attribute here] string of episodes. As suspected, it's the intersect that corrupted Morgan.

What's with Captain Awesome playing stay at home daddy to the song "Raw Meat" by Black Lips? Research for that song nearly killed producer Mark Ronson, as he tried out some raw meat with the band and ended up in the hospital as a result. That's probably not the kind of backstory you want associated with infant child care. What was I talking about, anyway?

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 5.03
1. "Raw Meat" - Black Lips [mp3]
2. "Rock the House" - The DeeKompressors
3. "Strangers In the Night" - The Morning Benders [iTunes]
4. "A Little Something For Ya" - Beastie Boys [mp3]
5. "Through the Crowd" - Hotel Lights [mp3]

Previously: Chuck vs the Bearded Bandit (Episode 5.02)


ES said...

where is The Deekompressors music? can not find anything on youtube!! :\

ES said...

can not find The Deekompressors!!! :\

drake lelane said...

I hear ya, ES... I looked as well to no avail.