Thursday, December 01, 2011

Feist + Mastodon = Feistodon

Take that Loutallica!

What seemed a surreal rumor a few days ago now has full confirmation: Indie pop princess Feist is teaming up with metal purveyors Mastodon for a split 7" to be released for 2012's Record Store Day (April 21). Mastodon's bassist/singer Troy Sanders confirmed the rumor in an interview with MTV Canada yesterday (video snipped below): "The idea is for Mastodon to cover a Feist song and throw some hair and dirt on it. Then [Feist will] take a Mastodon song and pretty it up a little bit."

The whole mutual admiration society was born from a television appearance on the BBC music talk show Later with Jools Holland, where Feist, Mastodon and Bon Iver made for a sort of dream lineup. The Beauty and the Beast portion of the lineup seemed to hit it off. Feist told of the meeting in an interview with HitFix last month:
"So backstage I’m thinking about letting these two worlds collide, how they should collide, so I'm like 'How about Metals meeting metal?' Brent was like, 'Well, I do like that "Bad in Each Other" song, I could see that.' Maybe now I will look into learning to cover "Oblivion" -- or anything off [The Hunter]. That album's amazing."
The clock is ticking on the availability for both artists to complete the recording, as Mastodon's Troy Sanders puts it: "We only have a short window to make that happen, and that's the month of December."

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