Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are the End Times Upon Us?

This blog's days might be numbered...

This week Amazon has come to the conclusion that I'm somehow magically inflating my clickthroughs* and have shut down my Associates account, coupled with a request I remove any and all links.

That would amount to a shut down of the blog, considering the thousands upon thousands of links (not to mention the fact that operating costs are essentially handled using Amazon credit garnered through the Associates account).

I've made an appeal, but there appears to be no real official channel in which to do so. They send emails with no way to reply, and the customer service for associates accounts is very automated -- so I wait for a reply without much in the way of hope. Not sure I have the energy anymore to fight.

*My only theory is that the foreign sites that occasionally pirate my content (links and all) have increased the appearance of my account tag outside of the recognized traffic on my site.

1 comment:

hearsmusic said...

All good things, and all.

I've been reading since we were fellow Rhapsody bloggers, c. 2005.

Maybe a tumblr account would do the trick if you wanted to continue?